Greg and Debby Nichols

Serving the Czech Republic and all of Europe

Our Story

Gregory and Debby were married in 1990 with hopes of living in Austria and travelling into Communist countries to mentor pastors through Biblical / theological education by extension. Glasnost and Perestroika allowed their hopes to be exceeded and they became the first missionaries placed into the former Soviet Union with Greater Europe Mission. They moved to Odessa, Ukraine in 1993. For two terms they served at the Odessa Theological Seminary where Greg taught Church History and theology in addition to mentoring students to become pastors through weekly ministry trips. In 2003 they moved to Prague, Czech Republic to work with the International Baptist Theological Seminary. Greg served as a lecturer in the Baptist and Anabaptist Department and as chaplain. Debby uses her musical skills to lead worship and mentors many of the female students. Once he finished his PhD in 2010, Greg was asked to join Greater Europe Mission’s leadership team where he serves as the Strategy Leader for North Europe, overseeing several countries. The Nichols family is endeavoring to build up the body of Christ in Europe through multiplying disciples and growing Christ’s Church so that God’s kingdom is expanded through Europe – to all the world.

Where We Work

We (Greg and Debby) are currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. Greg continues his teaching in several Bible Schools in the former Soviet Union, serves as North Region leader and is the defensive back coach of the Prague Lions. Debby is actively working with the refugee families that have settled into Prague helping them find shelter, clothing, food and education. If you wish to donate to that work, there is a separate GEM account for the refugee work in Prague (58141). Both our children have moved to the USA; Nic is in New Jersey and Selina is in Pennsylvania. Thank you for your generous prayers and investment in our lives so that God can use us to see His Kingdom expand through all peoples of Europe to the World through disciple-making movements.

Martin and Silvia Garcia

Contact Information

[email protected]
Skype: martin.garcia90
PO BOX 6829
Baulk ham Hills, NSW, 2153

Ministry Description

I have being serving as the Director of Word of Life Australia since 2010.

My passion is to reach today’s youth through evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. In Australia, we have the great privilege of sharing the gospel of Christ in public high schools. The Lord has allowed us to combine this opportunity with our KICKOFF evangelistic outreaches. Working with school scripture teachers and local youth pastors, we minister to thousands of young people every year. Also our goal is to help local churches develop ongoing, vibrant youth ministries.

Learn more about the ministry in Australia.

About Martin

My parents migrated to Australia when I was eight years old; I have had the privilege of living in Australia for the past 35 years. I received Christ as my personal Savior at the age of 13 when I understood that I was lost in my sins and in need of Jesus. Unfortunately, I had no discipleship in my life; during my teens, I drifted away and had many scars because of wrong choices that I had made. I rejoice that the grace of God reached me and I comprehended the great doctrine of forgiveness. From that moment, the Lord placed a great passion in my heart; I had a new vigor to serve and surrender my life totally to God.

I had the privilege of attending WOL Argentina to study for four years which were the best years of my life. In my third year of college, I met my beautiful wife Silvia.

We have been serving with WOL for the past 16 years.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

Joseph and Rebecca Harvey

Meet the Harvey family - Founders of Pioneer Christian Hospital in Republic of Congo

As I walked in front of the ER at Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of Congo, I heard a far too familiar sound. The death wails of a young mom and dad who lost a child to malaria. A heart-wrenching sound our healthcare providers come to know far too well. Later that day, in the same unit I helped ventilate another infant back to life that had stopped breathing. I felt the weight of the parent’s agony wondering if their baby would meet the same fate as the child from a few hours ago. I was only at Pioneer Christian Hospital for a week, but in that time, I saw the death of two children. They died, simply because of where they were born, taken by the diseases of poverty. It made my heart go out to our physicians in a neighboring African country fighting a malaria epidemic in the middle of the COVID pandemic. They had just reported to me malaria had taken the lives of 70 children under five in the last 60 days. Mission hospitals can be places of great sadness. These moments of seeing children die are painful reminders of the terrible realities of life for the poor in the developing world. They are also reminders of how hard medical missions can be, and the toll it can take on the human spirit for those serving. The vast amount of maternal and child death seen by most of our providers is hard to comprehend. I have come to marvel at the resilience of our missionaries working in these facilities.

Mission hospitals can also be places of great joy and restoration, and that is what I witnessed on my visit to Pioneer Christian Hospital this year. I had an opportunity to follow CHSC missionary physician, Dr. Joe Harvey on hospital rounds. Dr. Joe and Becky RN Harvey are the founders and directors of Pioneer Christian Hospital in Republic of Congo. I watched as he ministered to moms, prayed with every patient, and demonstrated Christ’s love compassion, and mercy. I have known Dr. Harvey since 2003 and I have always been impressed with how the Lord used them to
create this mission hospital in the Congo. That is why when they came to me wanting to transfer over to CHSC last year we were happy to receive them. It is a privilege to support CHSC missionaries as they cope with these unique challenges in medical missions.

Dr. Harvey is the only missionary physician left in the Republic of Congo, and the hospital he and his wife Becky established the only evangelical mission hospital there. Dr. Harvey was called to be a missionary doctor to the Congo in the 3rd grade. His commitment never wavered. Nor did he or Becky’s commitment waver toward the patients, or this community they call home. Joe and Becky moved to the Congo 25 years ago and raised their children there. Olivia, their oldest daughter, is also a CHSC missionary midwife now serving at the hospital. The Harvey’s remain committed to their life’s work, caring for the poor in the Republic of Congo.

Bill and Katie Swan and family

Bill Swan is a team leader with the World Race, which leads young adults on an 11-month mission trip to different parts of the world.

Jonathan and Buce Tahalele

Buce Tahaele is a medical doctor, a native of Indonesia, and missionary with Crossworld. He reaches out to Muslims in the Washington, DC area. www.crossworld.org

Camp Judson

Camp Judson is a Christian camp and conference center in North Springfield, PA. 


Women’s Care Center

The Women’s Care Center desire is to provide an affordable safe place of comfort, support and health to individuals facing unplanned pregnancies.


The Door North East

The Door North East is a youth center that reaches at-risk youth in our community. Please check out this ministry at