Pastoral Search Update

We have set up this page to help keep you informed on our progress as we work in Christ’s strength to find a pastor to lead our congregation.

Good morning, Brothers and Sisters!

JUNE 11, 2023

The big news is that we are pretty much through our initial team building phase, and are ready to cross the threshold into actually advertising the position. One of the things we needed to do was to update the church website and use it as the platform for accepting applications. Some companies still primarily use paper applications for open positions but that is largely for local employment, and even many local companies are going paperless which means that to apply for a job, you need to go to their website and apply online. For companies accepting applications across a wide area many, if not most, are paperless and are increasingly using website applications. Additionally many people who are looking for employment are expecting to apply online. Sending in a paper resume or application is increasingly rare. So with this in mind, we needed to add a way of accepting online applications to FBC’s website. It’s not as easy as it may sound, there’s a number of factors that have to be taken into account to having an online application process. It’s actually pretty complicated, and we are lucky to have a very knowledgeable young woman be able to set that up for us. We’ve been working on this for a while, and the good news is that we have the pages we need on the website with only one small glitch to correct, and we’ll be able to start accepting applications. The Search Team has a number of bulletin boards, employment locations, Bible Colleges, and individuals we intend to post on (or with) to let people know about our search. But we are very happy to be at this point right now, and we are hopeful that we will be able to start the active searching part very soon. questions or comments.

In His Service,

Pastor Search Team

Greetings to our fellow Christ-followers
at First Baptist Church!

MAY 15, 2023

The process has been one that the entire Pastor Search Team has found rewarding, as we moved from a group of individuals into a solid team. As you may know, we have been working through William Vanderbloemen’s book, “Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook.” We have met regularly, studying and discussing the excellent points he has made concerning this process, usually getting through a chapter every two meetings. We have also reached out to all of you for input, suggestions, and to ask you to complete surveys on issues important to the search. Additionally, we have discussed concerns with FBC’s Elder board, Leadership Council, and the Constitution Committee. The Constitution Committee has recently finished their work, and we are absolutely excited (along with them) for them to have the new church constitution ready for approval!

Although we know the time we have spent so far has sometimes felt like it has taken too long, it has been absolutely essential for us to take this time to build as a team, to put aside any personal agendas, and to fuse as a single entity, focused together on the goal of finding the person God has already set aside to come to First Baptist Church. We truly feel we are a team, working in sync with each other, looking at the issues and finding consensus.

And now the exciting news! Although we are still working through Vanderbloemen’s excellent book, we are also at the point where we are nearly ready to send out notification that we are accepting applications and resumes for FBC’s position of lead Pastor! The page on our website is nearly complete for us to accept applications, and we are looking at multiple other ways of “spreading the word.” Please pray with us that this step in the process is fruitful, and we are able to fully search the applications and resumes that come in.

Your support has been so much appreciated, and your prayers needed as we have journeyed thus far! Thank you for your love and support! As always, please feel free to contact any of us with questions or comments.

In His Service,

Pastor Search Team